Her Story.

There once was a little girl
Whose aching spirit was lost in this mad mad world
She wasn’t sure what her purpose here on Earth was
But always knew she had a greater calling just because

She was shaped so different; for the longest time nobody could appreciate her
She had a mind of her own so different; nobody could ever understand her
She had a voice that sang different; yet nobody ever listened to her
Life seems hard when everything is working against you
“You’re not that special…” but deep down she begged to differ

They called her a fool and it’s all in her head
Instead she came to accept her vulnerability and made her bed
With willingness to be a fool in the land of strangers
She reveals her vulnerability to the world, stumbling through dangers

Some may say stumbling is a work of the headless
But she knew the courage to stumble forward was only for the bravest
With a heart turned cold and skin shed to steel
No longer is the fool listening to how she feels

Over time, she had no choice but to adapt
Mould herself into a spirit that none could trap
The spirit of wolf within her grew and grew
No more is that little girl crying over a thunderclap

Wandering through the thick of the woods
She howls through the darkest of times
Staying true to her calling
She searches for a pack she could call ‘mine’

A pack so strong; they intimidate the weak
A wall so tall; swords and arrows hit like little pricks
A feeling so warm; there’s zero need to speak
A den so safe; she could finally rest and retreat

But to find her pack, she knew she had to grow
Into a wolf with the strongest bite so others could follow
A fantasy so far removed from her reality
But her spirit’s so free she’s certain of the great possibility

They say a girl can only dream
But with such tenacity, she’s more than capable of what’s within
No threats from the outside could hurt this little girl
In the stronghold she built, she’s safe from the cruel world